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Chapter 01 - General Provisions
Chapter 03 - Administration
Chapter 05 - Public Works
Chapter 07 - Traffic Code
Chapter 09 - General Regulations
Chapter 11 - Business Regulations
Chapter 13 - General Offenses
Chapter 15 - Emergency Services and Responders
Chapter 17 - Economic Development Authority
Chapter 19 - Land Use and Development
Chapter 31 - Fees and License Taxes

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Chapter 31- Fees and License Taxes

§ A31.1-1 Chapter 3.6, Finance.

A. Article III, Fraudulent Checks, § 3.6-4: There shall be assessed a fee of $20 for the uttering, publishing or passing of any check, draft or order for payment of taxes or any other sums due to the County which is subsequently returned for insufficient funds or because there is no account or the account has been closed, or because such check, draft or order was returned because of a stop-payment order placed in bad faith on the check, draft or order by the drawer.

§ A31.1-2 Chapter 5.2, Solid Waste.

A. Article I, Solid Waste Collection, § 5.2-5D: fees for licenses will be $1,000 per licensed and approved acre with a minimum license fee of $5,000.

§ A31.1-3 Chapter 7.2, County Vehicle Licenses.

A. Section 7.2-3A: On each and every passenger vehicle and truck there shall be an annual license fee of $35, and on each and every motorcycle, with or without a sidecar, a license fee of $24.

B. Section 7.2-6: The fee shall be payable on or before December 5 of each year, and with respect to any fees not paid at that time, a fee of $20 to reimburse the County of Appomattox for costs associated with administration of the Vehicle Registration Withholding Program with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles shall be assessed.

§ A31.1-4 Chapter 9.1, Animals.

A. Article I, Statutory Provisions; Dog Licensing, § 9.1-2, License tax amounts.

(1) All dogs. Spayed or neutered: $4; not spayed or neutered: $6.

(2) Kennel for 20 dogs: $25.

(3) Kennel for 30 dogs: $35.

(4) Kennel for 40 dogs: $45.

(5) Kennel for 50 dogs: $50.

(6) No license tax shall be charged for any dog which is trained and serves as a guide dog for a blind or hearing-impaired person.

(7) A fee of $5 shall be charged for persons wishing to adopt a pet from the animal pound.

(8) Duplicate tag fee: $1.

(9) Dangerous dog fee: $50.

§ A31.1-5 Chapter 9.2, Property Maintenance.

A. Article II, Storage of Vehicles, § 9.2-10: There is hereby imposed a license tax of $100 per year upon the owner or owners of each motor vehicle located within Appomattox County which is visible from any public road, public property or residence, which said motor vehicle does not display current license plates and which is not otherwise exempted hereby.

§ A31.1-6 Chapter 9.4, Outdoor Entertainment.

A. Article I, Festivals or Outdoor Entertainment, § 9.4-6: A fee in the amount of $25 per day for each day on which entertainment is to be presented shall be payable by the applicant to the County for the issuance of the permit.

B. Article II, Carnivals and Other Exhibitions, § 9.4-16: On such show or performance there shall be a license tax of a maximum of $1,000 for each performance. The amount of each license tax shall be set by the Board of Supervisors, which shall have the authority to waive any part of the same.

§ A31.1-7 Chapter 11.2, Peddling and Soliciting.

A. Article I, Solicitors.

(1) Section 11.2-4A: A fee of $100 to cover the costs of investigation of the applicant and processing of the application shall be paid to the Sheriff when the application is filed and shall not be returnable under any circumstances.

(2) Section 11.2-4B: In addition to the above-mentioned fee, a license tax of $500 shall be paid to the Treasurer.

B. Article II, Peddlers and Itinerant Merchants, § 11.2-8: Every person who is a peddler or itinerant merchant, as defined in § 58.1-3717, Code of Virginia, as amended, who shall carry on business, peddle or barter in the County of Appomattox shall pay a license tax in the sum of $500.

§ A31.1-8 Chapter 11.3, Fortune-Tellers.

A. Section 11.3-1: Any person who, for compensation, shall pretend to tell fortunes, assume to act as a clairvoyant or practice palmistry or phrenology within the boundary of Appomattox County shall pay an annual license tax of $1,000.

§ A31.1-9 Chapter 11.4, Junkyards.

A. Section 11.4-2: An annual fee of $35 shall be submitted with the license application.

§ A31.1-10 Chapter 11.7, Utilities.

A. Article I, Electric Utility, § 11.7-2: There is hereby levied upon every corporation or other entity providing heat, light and power within the County, for the privilege of doing business within the County, a license tax equal to 1/2 of 1% of the gross receipts accruing from sales to the ultimate consumer in the County.

B. Article II, Telephone Utility, § 11.7-5: There is hereby levied upon every corporation or other entity providing telephone or telegraph services within the County, for the privilege of doing business within the County, a license tax equal to 1/2 of 1% of the gross receipts accruing from sales to the ultimate consumer in the County.

§ A31.1-11 Chapter 19.2, Building Construction.

A. Section 19.2-2A(1): In the event that any construction, alteration, repairs, or other work requiring a permit is commenced before said permit is secured and the fee paid for the same, a fee of $50 shall be added to the original fee and paid at the time the permit is issued.

B. Section 19.2-2C(2): If at the second inspection the permit is not displayed there will be a fee of $25 charged.

C. Section 19.2-3A, Fee schedule.

Type Per Square Foot (psf) Charge* Minimum Charge
Accessory structure (stick built) $0.12 $75
Addition, commercial $0.12 $100
Addition, residential $0.15 $75
Alterations $0.15 $75
Antennas/towers $100
Chimney $75
Commercial construction $0.12 $100
Demolition $50
Electric $50
Farm use No charge
General use $50
Mechanical $50
Mobile home, single-wide $100
Mobile home, double-wide $150
Modular home $0.15 $100
Plumbing $50
Pool, in-ground $75
Range hood, commercial $100
Refund $30
Reinspection $25
Reopen a closed permit $50
Reprint of existing permit $25
Residential (stick built) construction $0.15 $100
Sprinkler $100
* All projects will be priced on a per square foot basis where applicable. If the fee calculation is less than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge will apply; if greater than the minimum charge, then the fee will be as calculated per square foot. If no per square foot charge is shown, then the minimum charge applies.
** A two-percent state levy fee will be added to the total of all permits.

§ A31.1-12 Chapter 19.3. Erosion and Sediment Control.

A. Section 19.3-8B, Plan review and inspection fees.

Land Disturbance


Agreement in lieu of erosion and sediment control plan $75 plus $10 per acre or portion of
All other activities $300 plus $25 per acre or portion of

§ A31.1-13 Chapter 19.6, Zoning.

A. Section 19.6-41H: The fee for an administrative variance shall be $25.


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