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Chapter 01 - General Provisions
Chapter 03 - Administration
Chapter 05 - Public Works
Chapter 07 - Traffic Code
Chapter 09 - General Regulations
Chapter 11 - Business Regulations
Chapter 13 - General Offenses
Chapter 15 - Emergency Services and Responders
Chapter 17 - Economic Development Authority
Chapter 19 - Land Use and Development

Article IV – Records

[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Appomattox County 3-10-1978 as part of Ch. 2, Art. I, of the 1978 Code (§§ 3-3 and 3-4 of the 1993 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 3.4-1 Protection of records and other papers.

A. No book, record, document or paper belonging to the County or any department, office, board, commission or other agency of the County shall be removed from the office of the custodian thereof without his permission, and then only upon the giving of a receipt therefor, except as may be provided otherwise by law in any case or except upon order of the Board of Supervisors or its Chairman or in compliance with a valid subpoena deuces tecum issued by a court or officer having jurisdiction in the premises.

B. No person shall, without proper authority, destroy, tamper with, deface or otherwise damage or alter any book, record, document or paper belonging to the County or fail to return any such item or property to its proper custodian after having taken it from its place of custody as authorized in Subsection A of this section.

§ 3.4-2 Property and property insurance inventories.

[Amended 7-12-1993]

A. The County Administrator shall maintain on file in his office an inventory of all real property owned by or leased to the County. This inventory shall be maintained in current status. For each building or lot, such inventory shall also show:

(1) A brief description;

(2) A reference to the deed, devise, lease or other instrument whereby the County acquired title to or the use thereof;

(3) The department, office or agency charged with custody;

(4) The purpose of use;

(5) The insurance of all types thereon, together with notes as to premiums payable and anniversary dates; and

(6) For property owned by the County and leased to other persons, copies of such leases and appropriate notes as to the revenues derived therefrom.

B. Each County officer having custody of items of nonexpendable personal property of value greater than $25 owned by or leased to the County shall, during January of each year, prepare in duplicate an itemized inventory of such property, showing for each item its value and a brief description, together with identification (by serial number, where applicable); a reference to the instrument, if any, whereby title of use was acquired; the department, office or agency having custody; the purpose or use; and the insurance of all types, if any, together with notes as to premiums payable and anniversary dates. The original copy of each such inventory shall be filed in the office of the County Administrator before February 1 of each year, and the duplicate copy shall be retained on file in the office of the person who prepared it.


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