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Chapter 01 - General Provisions
Chapter 03 - Administration
Chapter 05 - Public Works
Chapter 07 - Traffic Code
Chapter 09 - General Regulations
Chapter 11 - Business Regulations
Chapter 13 - General Offenses
Chapter 15 - Emergency Services and Responders
Chapter 17 - Economic Development Authority
Chapter 19 - Land Use and Development

Section 6

§ 19.6-72 B-1 General Commercial District.

A. Purpose. The purpose of this district is to provide locations for a variety of commercial and service-related activities within the suburban service area serving larger neighborhoods and the County in general. This district is intended for general application throughout the County. General Commercial Districts are most appropriately found along major arterial thoroughfares which serve large segments of the County’s population. This district provides a wide variety of retail and service-related uses.

B. Permitted uses: [Amended 8-3-2015; 3-29-2016]

Accessory apartment
Accessory uses/structures
Administrative services
Agricultural services
Amateur radio tower
Antique shops
Automobile dealership
Automobile parts/supply retail
Automobile rental/leasing
Automobile repair services
Business or trade school
Business support services
Car wash
Civic clubs
Commercial indoor amusement
Commercial indoor entertainment
Commercial indoor sports and recreation
Commercial outdoor entertainment
Commercial outdoor sports and recreation
Communications services
Community recreation
Construction sales and services
Construction yard
Consumer repair services
Contractor yard
Convenience store
Crisis center
Custom manufacturing
Dance hall
Day-care center
Educational facilities, college/university
Educational facilities, primary/secondary
Equipment sales and rental
Family day-care home
Financial institutions
Funeral services
Garden center
Gasoline station
General office
Guidance services
Home beauty/barber salon
Home occupation, Type I
Home occupation, Type II
Hotel/motel/motor lodge
Landscaping and lawn care services
Manufactured home sales
Medical office
Mini warehouse
Park-and-ride facility
Parking facility
Personal improvement services
Personal services
Post office
Public maintenance and service facility
Public parks and recreational areas
Recreational vehicle sales and service
Religious assembly
Residential human care facility
Restaurant, general/drive-in/fast-food
Retail sales
Safety services, private
Safety services, public
Single-family dwelling
Small Scale or Residential Solar Energy Farm
Studio, fine arts
Surplus sales
Truck stop
Utility services
Veterinary hospital/clinic
Wayside stand
Wireless communications facility

C. Conditional uses: [Amended 8-3-2015; 3-29-2016]

Adult entertainment
Automobile graveyard
Fish hatchery
Flea market
Halfway house
Home for adults
Industrial manufacturing
Kennel, commercial
Multifamily dwelling
Outdoor gathering
Planned unit development
Public assembly
Recycling center
Scrap and salvage services
Stable, commercial
Transfer station
Transportation terminal
Truck terminal
Two-family dwelling
Wind energy system

D. Site development regulations.

(1) Minimum lot requirements:

(a) Lots not served by public water or sewer:

[1] Area: one acre (43,560) square feet.

[2] Frontage: 100 feet on a publicly owned and maintained street.

(b) Lots served by either public water or sewer:

[1] Area: 15,000 square feet (0.34 acre).

[2] Frontage: 80 feet on a publicly owned and maintained street.

(c) Lots served by both public water and public sewer:

[1] Area: 10,000 square feet (0.23 acre).

[2] Frontage: 80 feet on a publicly owned and maintained street.

(2) Minimum setback requirements:

(a) Principal structure:

[1] Front: 35 feet from property line or 60 feet from center line of public road, whichever is greater.

[2] Side: none; except when adjacent to a residential use, then 10 feet.

[3] Rear: 15 feet.

(b) Accessory structure:

[1] Front: 35 feet from property line or behind the front building line, whichever distance is less.

[2] Side: 15 feet.

[3] Rear: five feet.

(c) Where a lot fronts on more than one street, front yard setbacks shall apply to all streets.

(3) Maximum height of structures:

(a) All structures: 45 feet.

(4) Maximum coverage:

(a) Building coverage: 50%.

(b) Lot coverage: 90%.


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