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Division 12 – Assessment for Processing Persons Admitted to Jail

[Adopted 8-1-2004]

§ 3.7-33 Processing fee established.

In the County of Appomattox, Virginia, on and after August 1, 2004, a processing fee of $25 is hereby assessed and imposed upon any individual admitted to a County, city or regional jail following conviction within the County of Appomattox, Virginia, of a crime, misdemeanor or violation of a local ordinance of the County of Appomattox or any town located within this County. Said fee shall be assessed by the Clerk of the Court in which the conviction occurred and collected with the other costs of the court proceedings. After collection by the Clerk of the Court, the assessment shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the County of Appomattox and held subject to appropriation by the Board of Supervisors to the Sheriff to defray the cost of processing the convicted arrested persons into the local or regional jail.

§ 3.7-34 Effective date.

The effective date of this article shall be August 1, 2004, or the date of adoption, whichever is later.


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